Frequently Asked Questions About Restoration Serivces

As with most projects or jobs, the completion time can vary. Once we assess the damages at your home or business it could take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks to complete. Below are a few of  the main factor that can determine the completion date of restoration services.

  • The size of your home or business property
  • The type of damage you suffered from
  • The amount of furniture in the property 
  • Local infrastructure problems like downed power lines, power outages, etc.

To begin this process we remove all excess standing water from the property to allow further examination of the damages. Once all the water has been removed our experts will do a walkthrough to assess the damages and see what can be salvaged or repaired and what needs to be disposed of. We will work to make sure the the home is then dried out and dehumidified to minimize any further damages. 

Our employees are highly trained at restoring all types of property to minimize property loss. Disposing of a customers property is always a last resort to reduce replacement costs. We also stay on top of the potential for mold growth as it can be detrimental to the health of the anyone on the property.  

While you may think that water damage only comes from larger sources of water such as bursting pipes, or flooding, your home might  already be suffering from water damage. This can be from a variety of reasons such as leaky pipes, small holes in your roofing system, or even excess steam from hot showers. Some signs to look out for are peeling paint or wallpaper, mold, excess moisture or condensation, musty odors, dark spots on your ceiling, or a noticeable increase in insects inside and around the home. If your have noticed any of these signs you may want to have your home inspected to find the cause of the damage.

Fire damage can be tricky to fix and restore. Luckily we have many years of experience which gives our customers piece of mind on the restoration of their home an property. We begin by cleaning and removing soot, damage caused by smoke, and most importantly structural repairs to your home or commercial property. We also clean up any water or chemical damage caused by firefighters during eliminating the fire. 

Smoke gets into everything during a fire and can be difficult to get rid of the odor afterwards. We have years of experience and have the ability to get rid of smoke odors for good! The first step is to let the home air out by opening doors windows and letting fresh air flow through the house. We then begin a deep clean of the home by washing all fabrics, cleaning every surface in the property, and performing and extensive cleaning on the HVAC system to ensure smoke odors are not recirculated through the home. Depending on the severity of the fire, we would also have to repaint as smoke can become trapped in the paint and continue to linger even after a full cleaning. 


Mold comes in many different varieties and types which can make it difficult to spot. It’s most common colors are dark grey, green, or black spotted. Mold is also generally raised and has an odd looking texture and produces odors similar to mildew. Mold begins to form almost immediately after any type of water damage or in areas with excess moisture but can take around two days to become visible.

We receive this question a lot and with good reason as people like to have the freedom to pick the companies they wish to receive service from. The good news is that even if your insurance company refers you too a specific company they recommend you are still free to pick a different company should you choose to do so.  

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