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Fire Damage Restoration In Greenfield

Few things in life can be as destructive as an unexpected fire in your home or office. For more than 30 years now, ServiceMaster By Williams has been helping families and businesses get back to normal after the flames have subsided. Let us help you sort through the damage and restore more than your property. We’ll help you restore your life. 

Types Of Smoke Damage

Many people think that the fire does the majority of the damage, but the truth is that the smoke does a considerable amount of damage as well. Here are some facts about smoke damage. 

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Dry Smoke Residue

This type of residue damage occurs when the fire burns fast with a high temperature. It leaves a powdery, dry residue that doesn’t smear very much.

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Fuel/Oil Residue

This type of residue only occurs if there is some sort of fuel or petroleum products involved in the fire. This type of soot is sticky and fairly difficult to clean.

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Protein Residue

Residue of this nature is practically invisible but can discolor paints and other types of finishes. It has a very strong smell.

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Wet Smoke Residue

This type of smoke damage occurs when the fire smolders with low heat. The residue is very sticky and has a powerful odor. Wet smoke residue smears a lot and is more difficult to clean

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Fire Extinguisher Residue

It’s understandable that you would do anything necessary to extinguish a fire. This means there can be residue to clean up from a fire extinguisher. Some extinguishers don’t require any clean up, but chemical fire extinguishers can leave a big mess.

The Service Master Guarantee

Since ServiceMaster has been working with homes and business owners for more than 50 years, we’ve gained our reputation of excellence by backing all our work with a simple guarantee, and that is we guarantee our work is done right or we do it over.

With ServiceMaster by Williams, you are guaranteed to get experienced fire damage specialists who have served customers with disaster restoration emergencies for over 30 years. Our staff is the best of the industry to give you the personal attention you deserve in a time of need. All of our restoration contractors are required to complete intensive training to give you the best possible service and outcome. Along with our great staff, we equip them with the most advanced, state of the art fire restoration extraction and drying equipment to handle any issue. 


Fire Damage & Your Insurance Company

This means we can leverage our relationships to help you get a quick assessment of the fire damage along with a realistic expectation of the costs and timeline required to restore your property. Not only do we work on the fire damage restoration and cleanup, we’ll help you work through all the paperwork to get you properly reimbursed quickly.

The Fire Damage Restoration Company You Can Trust

Fire is the most destructive force on earth, so we understand just how devastating a fire can be to your home or business. For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing the highest quality fire damage restoration and fire repair services for people living in Greenfield Massachusetts.

ServiceMaster by Williams is the locally owned fire restoration company with the trusted resources of an internationally recognized brand. Our restoration contractors have the best training in the industry along with the latest technology to better assist them when restoring your property, and your life. This means you get the best expertise of a true professional along with the service and care of a neighbor.

Service Master In Greenfield

ServiceMaster can restore your property after even the toughest of fire, so don’t hesitate to call. The more you wait, the more damage their is. 

After you call us to repair your fire damage, the next call you should make is to your insurance company. The good news here is that over the decades we’ve been doing fire damage restoration, we’ve established excellent relationships with all the insurance companies that cover homes or businesses in Greenfield. 

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Fire Damage Repair: Summary Of Procedures

  • Conduct an onsite fire damage assessment
  • Photograph the fire damage for documentation
  • Immediate Fire Damage Remediation including
  • Removal services
  • Set up fans and dehumidifier
  • Inspect & move furniture
  • Set up monitoring equipment

Fire Restoration in Greenfield

Fire can do a lot of damage. The best way to get help restoring your home or place of business is by calling ServiceMaster Restore. ServiceMaster Restore is poised and ready to respond to your call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with highly trained professionals, state of the art equipment, and the knowledge to get the job successfully accomplished. Backed by the ServiceMaster Clean Guarantee, you can rest assured, our job is not finished until our customer is completely satisfied. Experiencing a fire or smoke damage can be a very stressful event, but the caring professionals at ServiceMaster by Williams will guide you through the smoke testing and fire damage restoration process to make your experience as smooth as possible. ServiceMaster by Williams has been the leading expert in fire damage restoration in Greenfield for over 30 years. Our immediate response and personal attention will guide you through the restoration process as easy as possible. We offer a wide variety of Fire Damage Services. 

Restoration and Smoke Mitigation Services as seen below.
● Fire Damage Restoration
● Fire Damage Cleaning
● Complete Structural Cleaning
● Complete Contents/Personal Property Cleaning
● Ozone Treatment
● Duct Cleaning
● Soot Removal
● Soot Cleaning
● Smoke Removal
● Smoke Cleaning
● Odor Removal
● Floor Cleaning
● Personal Content Pack-Out
● Personal Content Inventory
● Trauma Cleaning
● Roof Board Up
● Roof Tarping Services

When it comes to Fire Restoration, Service Master provides the best in Greenfield.
Fire and Smoke Damage Assessment

The full extent of destruction and damage done by a fire is hard to tell just by anyone. Smoke can penetrate within the walls of your property, causing hidden damage and odor. Call to ServiceMaster now to ask our professionals for an in-depth survey.

Types of Fire Damage
Most people misunderstand the facts about fire damage. Many people believe that only the flames cause damage, but in reality smoke can also cause a significant amount of damage as well. More than likely, smoke damage is what is going to take the longest when cleaning or restoring your property but thanks to ServiceMaster professionals, we can take care of it in no time. Smoke may not be able to burn items into ash, but it can render spaces unusable due to heavy odors or permanently tarnished walls, structures, and fabrics. When speaking about smoke damage, there are a few different types, which you should know and understand: 

● Wet Smoke is caused by a slow-burning, low-heat fire. Wet smoke is some of the
hardest to clean up because it forms a thick film on surfaces.

● Dry Smoke is a fine powder caused by a quick, burning blaze. Dry smoke is
easier to remove from nonporous surfaces, but must be carefully vacuumed out
of fabrics, tile, and other porous surfaces. When attempting to wipe the powdery
dry smoke from porous surfaces, you run the risk of compounding the particles
and trapping it into the porous crevices.

● Protein Smoke, like that which you get from burning a steak on the grill, is much
lighter in color than other kinds of smoke and can be visually hard to catch until it
gets onto wood varnishes or paint, which can become discolored permanently.

● Petroleum Smoke comes from openly burning fuel oils. In many ways it’s the
opposite of protein smoke; it’s incredibly dark and stains everything it touches
with an oily residue but is relatively easy to clean if you have the proper cleaning
agents available.  

If you’re worried about what type of smoke is affecting your property, then give us a call and our professionals will give you an accurate list of problems you’re dealing with. 

Smoke Damage Assessment
If you’ve had a fire happen to your home or business, you’re probably already familiar with the extraordinary damage that smoke can do. ServiceMaster provides the best specialists in restoring fire damage, and every type of smoke damage. In the event of a fire, we can provide the services to help restore your property back to normal. 

Both visible and invisible smoke damage needs to be determined to implement a proper restoration process. A thorough inspection and assessment are needed to determine both the damaged and undamaged areas of your home or business, and only the experts at ServiceMaster have a 100% satisfaction rate in this field. 

About Greenfield

Greenfield is a city in Franklin County, Massachusetts, United States. Greenfield was first settled in 1686. The population was 17,456 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Franklin County. Greenfield is home to Greenfield Community College, the Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra, and the Franklin County Fair. The city has a Main Street Historic District containing fine examples of Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian architecture.

Greenfield is part of the Springfield, Massachusetts, Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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