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The ServiceMaster Guarantee

ServiceMaster has earned our reputation of excellence by backing all our work with a simple guarantee- we guarantee our work is done right or we do it over. 

Our staff is the best of the industry to give you the personal attention you deserve in a time of need. All of our restoration contractors are required to complete intensive training to give you the best possible service and outcome. Along with our great staff, we equip them with the most advanced, state of the art water restoration extraction and drying equipment to handle any issue.

Our Services

When disaster strikes, it can be tough to know who to call. For more than 50 years, people all around Massachusetts have called a name they trust. ServiceMaster has helped countless people recover from fire damage, water damage, mold damage and more. Make ServiceMaster By Williams the franchise you call for Worcester, Hampshire and Franklin counties.

Water Damage Restoration

Water is one of the most destructive forces on our planet. Easily tearing through your home or office leaving a wake of damages from the seen to the unseen.

Have You experienced Any of the Following?

Burst Pipes




Water Backup

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires of any size can cause unbelievable damage to your home or office. Yet they are not the worst part, the worst part is more damage comes from the after effects of the fire and putting it out.

Other Damages Your Home Faces:

Smoke Damage



Even Water Damage (used to put out the fire)

Sewage Remediation

Sewage spills can create a hazardous environment in your home, so it’s important that you act fast to protect your loved ones as well as your property.

Sewage spills can be caused by:

Backed up septic tanks

Toilet overflows

Problems in the sewer system

Mold Remediation

Mold damage is one of the most persistent problems for home or business owners. It can come from natural climate changes, the weather or after having either fire or water damage. Not only is it important to remove mold, but it’s essential to take proper steps to prevent mold growth in the future. If you don’t remove it, mold can create health hazards that make your home or business completely uninhabitable.

For people with sensitivity to mold, it can cause respiratory problems including:



Skin irritations

Along with:

Nasal irritation

Throat irritation

Post Construction Clean Up

Cleaing up after we work on your home is apart of our garentee. We will not leave any mess fr you to have to deal with yourself. this is because you should be able to get back to living the life you were before!

Carpet Cleaning

Whether its because your carpets just need to be cleaned or if they have been damaged by water or smoke. We know how to treat them so they look, feel and smell brand new!

Commercial Restoration Services

With all the expertise we have with home restoration, ServiceMaster By Williams is a natural fit for helping business owners with water damage, fire damage and all the other services listed above.

We specialize in working with larger businesses with a considerable amount of space. Specifically, we have expertise in working with manufacturing plants, hotels, conference centers, schools, municipal buildings and more. If your business suffers from fire/water damage or needs mold/sewage remediation, we are a restoration company with the right equipment and experience to help you. 

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